Business and Executive Coaching

Business and executive coaching can help you, the business owner or leader, grow your business sustainably and profitably or improve your outcomes of. Coaching helps you set better goals, reach your goals faster, make better decisions, and improve your business relationships.

Business and executive coaching is about the future: discovering your potential and achieving it - fast. We know this as we have been helping our clients achieve this for many years!

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Business and executive coaching is not hiring a low-touch advisor or an industry-specific consultant to come in and fix your business. It isn’t therapy, just holding you accountable, or telling you what to do. Coaching is about helping you find the solutions that ensure it applies to you, your business, and the business situations you are dealing with.

Coaching involves the business and operating functions of your business as well as the leaders of those functions; your leadership team.  Working together, we can help you the business or HR leader, develop a strong cohesive leadership team for your business.

Whether individually or as a Team, we can help you build the best team possible for your business.

Many people call themselves coaches without any real professional accreditations or associations. Some purchased a franchise, some attended a class, and that was all that was needed to instantly be considered a business coach. Some only needed to tell others they were a business coach to deem themselves as such. Good, professional coaches have all of the right credentials; education, experience, and certification. Their certification demonstrates a commitment to learning and being proficient in the best and most productive coaching techniques.

Coaching can be done individually or as a group, either in-person, virtually via a virtual platform over the Internet, or over the telephone. Without a doubt, coaching is the ideal method to grow your professional skills and develop success for you and your business.

Herrmann Advantage Consulting has offered results producing certified coaching services to Executives and Business Leaders for over 10 years in both large and small businesses.

Herrmann Advantage Consulting offers both individual and team coaching

Individual Coaching

Research shows that business owners who engage a business coach achieve a return on investment (ROI) by as much as 788%.

Our clients have achieved as much as 800% in business improvement.
Individual coaching is done in a 1:1 session; usually, twice a month, focusing on a plan, with measurable outcomes agreed upon by the person being coached and the coach.
It is not therapy or an effort to make you feel good about your business, although you will feel good as your business grows and becomes more successful. It achieves results from an results-oriented process that focuses on creating measurable business success by improving performance, productivity, profitability, and business value.

Team Coaching

Research shows that coaching can improve team performance by as much as 88%

Team coaching helps teams reach their goals by developing a collaborative environment that reduces conflict and increases positive group interaction.
Team coaching can be two or more people. We restrict groups to no more than 8 individuals. These sessions normally occur twice a month, either virtually or in-person.
The team coaching process helps teams align around a common purpose, establish inspiring spirit and vision, define clear roles, commit to team accountability, make powerful choices and take affirmative action. Like Individual coaching, it achieves results from an outcomes-focused process that focuses on creating measurable team and business success by improving performance, productivity, profitability, and business value.

How Coachable Are You?

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