Business Training

Most small business owners are very good at what they do. Whether that is a skilled trade or craftsperson, a technician or highly educated professional, they have the skills to do their work. What they may not have are the business skills necessary to manage and operate a successful and sustainable small business. We work with clients to train them in areas they may not feel confident. Perhaps it’s the skills needed to pay their employees, and most importantly themselves while also having money to improve and grow the business.  Maybe they need help to establish their business’s direction or a marketing strategy or deciding what to charge for their product or service.  Below are some examples of the topics of our training programs.  If you don’t see something listed, ask as we probably have it.  Reach out today to discuss your business skill training needs.

What do I charge for my product or service?

What will the market bear? Will each sale make a profit? Deciding what to charge for your product or service is more than just doing what your competition is doing. This program will help you to answer these questions.

Your Profit-Building Market Strategy

Your business must have a target market. You cannot sustainably grow unless you identify and target the right market at the right buying level. It's more than just age, income, and location. This program will help you to define your target market clearly.

Conflict Management

Any difference of opinion is a conflict. It is through conflict that business grows, becomes stronger, and profits. Managing conflict in a positive way is a critical skill necessary to ensure your business thrives in our constantly changing world. Learn some ways you can manage conflict in this program.

Your Business Roadmap

You can’t get anywhere without knowing where you are going. A business roadmap becomes the guide you’ll use to drive the growth and profitability of your business. You can create your custom roadmap through the training offered in this program.

Your Business Operating Budget

Your business must make money. Balancing your income with your expenses isn’t hard but must be done in a way that ensures you always have cash on hand with which to operate. Learn how to create an operating budget that will fit your business needs.

Customer Service

Managing customer expectations ensures that you retain these valuable members of your revenue stream. This process leads to not only repeat business but also to upselling and even more revenue. Providing top tier customer service ensures your customers will continue to bring you business.

Your Product or Service Sales Strategy

Selling what you make or do is a critical part of operating and growing your business. Selling the right amount at the right price is also important. This sales strategy course helps ensure you effectively manage the performance of your sales team for maximum business performance and profit.

Profit From Your Processes

The processes you use in your business are either profitable or they're not. Mastering the simple steps to map and measure your internal processes for maximum profitability is a business skill necessary for long-term sustainability. Learn how to make processes that will help your business thrive.