Our Approach

At Herrmann Advantage Consulting, we work with business owners and business leaders who don’t necessarily need help to keep going, but realize they want help to keep growing. We offer a uniquely tailored approach to gaining focus, developing direction, and maximizing your workforce’s contributions, all designed to take the business to new heights.

Our customized small business growth solutions don’t come to you from a box or a book someone bought and then tries to apply to your business. These aren’t some one-size-fits-all processes promising to grow your business. Or “large business” processes that have been scaled down. The solutions are unique to your business, built by you and me, using my decades of business experience from the trenches to the board room. My added experience as a small business owner combined with your knowledge about your business is what makes the customized solutions we develop a strong fit for your business needs and not easily duplicated by your competition.

Working with the entire business...not just the parts.

Like the diagram you see here, each piece of your company must work together to drive business success. While working together, one part grows revenue while the other controls costs. That helps ensure both sustainable growth and increased profitability. That TEAM effort is the strength of your business, whether that team is just you or up to 50 other employees.

Our methods of reviewing each aspect of your business will help you realize where changes can be made to make the most of your team.

What's the Herrmann Advantage?

Herrmann Advantage Consulting started with a phone call after new business owners eliminated my corporate executive job. “Don, can you come consult for our company?” With a weekend to establish a legal identity, a series of phone calls resulted in more advice.

"Don, with a national reputation, you have to name the business after yourself. You must show the Herrmann Advantage."

That resulted in Herrmann Advantage Consulting, LLC – a 100% Veteran-owned business coaching, advising, and consulting company. Since September of 2009, we have been helping business owners and leaders across the United States achieve maximum sustainable success through customized small business growth solutions, continuing to evolve as the business world around us evolves.