Strategic Workforce Planning

The current worker shortage has caused havoc for many businesses. Some businesses are turning work away, and that is both stopping business growth and causing revenues to decrease. So, what is a business to do?

  • Is your company experiencing challenges with attracting and retaining the talent necessary to grow the business?

  • Does your company have a pipeline of "next level" leaders to drive the future of your business?

  • Is making changes within your company always a struggle?

  • Are you getting the ROI from your investment in your people?

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Having the right workers takes more than just running a help wanted ad. It takes careful planning and execution of that plan.

The answer to those questions is simple. Workforce Planning for your business can address these and make your company more productive and profitable. It is a strategic solution that solves your talent problems now and in the future. Workforce Planning is a process where the business identifies and addresses the gaps between its current workforce and its future needs while developing a brand that attracts and retains the right talent.


Good Strategic Workforce Planning is more than just determining your current and future staffing and skill needs.  It involves the coordination of all of your Human Resources processes to ensure that you are attracting and retaining the best talent.  The blending of your Compensation, Benefits, Training & Development, and Organizational Development to drive your overall talent management, is the key to outstanding Strategic Workforce Planning.  Bringing all of these elements together to create an environment of workforce success contributes significantly to overall business success.

As businesses look to develop successful strategies and brands to drive business success, the one overriding area that should be emphasized but often is not is the workforce. All too often, the workforce is viewed as a cost to be managed and contained instead of the investment that will drive strategy execution, improved performance, profitability, and shareholder value. In other words, many businesses ignore the unduplicatable value of their workforce.

If you want more from your workforce, more profit, more production, more shareholder value, then the solution is a Strategic Workforce Plan. Herrmann Advantage Consulting is prepared to help make your plan and its execution a success.

How does your workforce measure up?

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