Success Comes From Actions and Not Things.

I remember his frustration.  He showed me the equipment he bought that promised to make his work easier.  He showed me the software he bought that promised to make his salespeople more efficient.  He was angry too.  I had been referred to him because he needed help.  He was angry, frustrated, and taking it out on me because everything he had purchased to help his business didn’t.  His words still resonate with me, “I bought this $%*+, and nothing happened.”  I knew part of the answer as to why.  He bought something that he thought would make his business successful; he forgets that Success Comes From Actions and Not Things.

Actions are what define us.  We can have all of the shiny trinkets, bling, gadgets, big houses, and luxury cars we want, but our actions are what truly define us.  This holds true in business, as well.  You cannot buy a process, computer application, tool or machine and expect it alone to help your business.  You have to do more, much more.  These “things are simply tools, tools don’t perform unless you use them properly.  That also means you must Act, execute if you will, the strategies, processes, and other actions necessary to drive business success.




If you see your actions as a cause don’t feel bad, research says as much as 90% of business can’t act, can’t execute their strategies properly. However, you may want to improve how you act and execute.  You may want to be able to successfully use the tools you’ve brought to your business and as a result, realize the success you want.  There are some simple steps you can take to improve your action.  These are:

Practice realism.  The business dictionary defines this as; “ Practical or pragmatic orientation that relies on hard facts and considers things as they are and not as they should be or think they are.  This means not only knowing the weaknesses but being prepared to acknowledge and address them.

Set clear goals and establish priorities.  Limit these to a small number.  Too many clouds the objective, too many and the team cannot focus.

Follow up and through If you aren’t checking and not ensuring that you do what you say you will do, no one else will either.

Reward those who succeed.  People expect to be rewarded for doing well.  This not only means rewarding those who bring you honest feedback that helps the plan succeed but to recognize that you need the emotional talent to accept that you don’t know everything; your team fills that gap.

Grow the skills and knowledge of your employees.  Coach your team, teach them.  Give them the knowledge and training necessary to succeed.  This includes knowledge about the state of your business.

Know and trust yourself.  If you can’t trust your judgment, your team will figure that out and begin not to trust anyones.  Trust lost is hard to regain, sometimes impossible.

Actions do speak louder than words or in this case tools, software, and gimmicks.  Don’t fall victim to the “this will solve all of your problems” sales pitch.  No tool, software, or gimmick will make you more successful by itself.  You must act, you must show action. Remember, “Success Comes From Actions and Not Things.”