During these uncertain times of the pandemic- which included times of radical change within my business, Don's coaching was very valuable to me as we moved the business in the right direction, and kept me focused on the bigger picture every step of the way. I would recommend Don for his 1) ability to probe for what is really important, 2) his ability to listen carefully and then provide suggestions for actions that were apparent but only became very clear after discussions with Don, and 3) for his ability to stay focused on what is most important and sticking to my overall goals I'm working towards. He made sure before we dove into the hard things that the foundation of my business was strong and capable.

I have been working with Don since late 2016. He has been an amazing source of knowledge in helping my business grow. He doesn't look at a business from a single viewpoint but instead takes a holistic view of all aspects to ensure that the growth of a business is sustainable. His years of experience have granted him the ability to work with companies of all sizes in a variety of industries.

From the first time I met Don I both respected and felt very comfortable with him, which is not usual for me. He has answered questions regarding my start up and provided me with with some truly awesome advice. The information he provides has opened my eyes to see specific actions I could take that have driven my company forward. He demonstrated to me a quiet competence and confidence that I hope to realize for myself as my business grows. I feel no reservation that he will think my question is too simplistic, he always treats me with respect. As a new entrepreneur that is at least as important as getting an answer.

Don gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. His unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business relationships has revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. Along the way there have been surprising (and sometimes painful) personal realizations. He directly point out areas that needed to be considered a different way, and proved to be right 100% of the time with his observations, opinions, and suggestions. His support has been a large part of my success in 2020.

Don has been a career-saver, taking my executive skills to a whole new level. I only wish I had Don’s guidance earlier in my career when I first became a senior-level manager. News leadership is unique: One day you’re producing a newscast with no direct reports. The next day you’re an Executive Producer. Soon you’re at the corporate/executive level – without the necessary management skills. Don helped me undo a decade’s worth of bad habits. Since working with Don, I’ve become more confident, more impactful, more valuable to my company and more at ease. Every media organization should hire Don to work with their newsroom leaders.

Don is one of the most knowledgeable Human Resources professionals I have had the privilege of knowing. His depth and breadth of knowledge in Global and US employment law, employee relations, coupled with strong business acumen makes him my go-to person when I find myself needing another opinion. I highly recommend Don for his wealth of knowledge, clarity, and helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals

We’d had strategic plans before but in truth they never amounted to anything other than words on paper. Don led a 3-day Strategic Planning workshop for us that developed a Strategic Plan, Actions Plans with specific accountabilities and timeframes to execute the plans. He stayed with us over the course of a year and helped drive execution of our strategy helping us grow the business to over $100M while expanding into non-US Markets. His passion and enthusiasm coupled with his ability to communicate with professionals from different backgrounds make him an ideal leader for these type of efforts.

I hired Don Herrmann to assist in recruiting for a difficult position. Within one week he had supplied me with 3 quality candidates. He is professional with a high degree of integrity. He is also quite personable and responsive. While I had hired him originally for recruiting a particular position, I did so because I knew that he is very knowledgeable in all HR related matters. His fees were quite competitive with other firms. I would be the first to recommend Don Herrmann and Herrmann Advantage Consulting to anyone who is need professional HR services from recruiting to handling your HR needs.

Our sales looked good but we weren’t making money. We had good customer retention but weren’t growing. I had been referred to Don several years ago but didn’t hire him then. I now wish I had because as my profits declined my investors were getting concerned. I needed to improve my sales was all I heard. I called Don and he and Laurel were hired to fix my sales. They evaluated my product pricing, looked into my customer mix and then over the course of several weeks developed a sales compensation plan that not only better compensated my salespeople, it increased the growth of my business. Combining this Sales Compensation with a better pricing and marketing strategy almost doubled my revenue in the first year to over $3M. Most importantly my profits increased by better than 50%. We are in our second year and are already on track to beat last years numbers.

Don recently facilitated our Strategic Planning Workshop. Leading our top company leaders, he introduced the strategic planning process, led us through an easy to follow methodology and ensured that we developed a workable strategic plan to drive our company over the next several years. Don used a variety of tools and interpersonal activities to keep us on track and accomplish what we wanted. Those in attendance expressed their great satisfaction at being heard and also with the support and assistance Don provided in the breakout sessions. I have to say this was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I hope to use Don's expertise and services again in the future.

As a small business owner I fell into the trap of working too hard and not getting enough results. Over the years I had asked more than one of my advisors to help me analyze the business and examine what could be done better.
Herrmann Advantage was the advisor I had needed for years. Together we dissected the company and started to rebuild its path. During our meetings we found areas that needed to be elevated in priority, new avenues of sales revenues, and where a stronger business image is needed.
After nine months later, the business began experiencing new growth. After two years we had almost tripled our size from when Herrmann started with us. We continue to implement the HA strategies.

Our business is over 100 years old. We thought it was nearing the end of its life and were considering closing it down. I was at a social event and met Don. He was excited about my business because it was 100 years old. When I told him we were thinking of closing it down he was disappointed. His enthusiasm for preserving it and making it profitable was catching. So I hired him. He and his partner came into my business and devoted their time to understanding it, what exactly what we did and how we made money. I can still hear him saying “numbers don’t mean anything unless you know why they are happening.” they found out why. Their enthusiasm and energy ignited the same feelings with my employees. We got better at what we did, we became more efficient and we stopped doing things only because that is how we always did it. We did things because they made us money. Don and his team kept this business going and we are looking forward to the next 100 years.

Don has provided a significant amount of expertise and insight regarding the development of our Leading for Excellence series. He has either developed or contributed to the development of the entire series. Don’s senior level experience provides a much needed level of expertise in the development and delivery of this strategic education process for our company’s future and the future of our leadership

We needed help developing our Leader Succession Plan as well as establishing development programs for hi-potentials. Don was recommended to me by one of my employees and I reached out to him as a possible partner for this project. Over almost 2-years Don did everything I needed and more. Most importantly he helped develop my team, helped us establish long term measurements that truly helped establish the succession plan for us, and demonstrated a strong strategic partnership for our national business. I don’t believe this project would have been this successful without his support and engagement.

During our strategic planning that facilitated a large part of our initiatives depended on the abilities of our workforce. Don first started explaining a strategic process that ensured good strategy execution along with better business branding and I was skeptical. It seemed hard and in some respects unfair. As we got into the details, I saw the magic of the process. I saw how we would emphasize superior performance that helped not only in strategy execution but also with recruiting and retention. Don and Laurel were with us every step of the process, and our result was we accomplished every part of our strategic plan and even beat our revenue growth goals of becoming a $100M company.