You don't know what you don't know.

We provide CUSTOMIZED BUSINESS GROWTH SOLUTIONS and RESULTS PRODUCING TALENT MANAGEMENT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES for businesses that understand a great deal about what they do, but want to invest more into those who make the business successful – their workforce and their workforce processes.

Our work together will involve Coaching, Consulting, Training, and Advising – all geared toward giving you a high-value outcome.

As a Master Certified Professional Coach, my techniques, coupled with extensive business knowledge, are a powerful combination for your success.

We help you develop and execute a comprehensive business strategy to sustainably grow your business.

Our hands-on business education ensures you master the business skills you need to see your business thrive.

Herrmann Advantage Consulting LLC is an award-winning results-oriented coaching, advising, educating, and consulting firm providing customized human resources and business growth solutions throughout the US. Focusing on all aspects of the business, our clients realize more revenue, better margins, bigger profits, and steady growth giving them more time to focus on things they enjoy.

Our work together could involve your product or production, service or service delivery, sales and marketing, customer service and customer retention, your workforce (human resources), your budget or your business plans including strategic planning.

While most business owners possess the skills needed to work IN their business, they often times find that they don’t have all the skills necessary to operate or work ON the business. Our personalized approach involves giving our clients the tools, training, business coaching, and education to build and sustain a highly profitable business.

We also work with your existing HR team, or in the absence of a team, to provide results-producing people processes and tools that ensure your workforce optimizes your business’s performance, productivity, profitability, and shareholder value. Much of our work in this area focuses on developing and executing results-producing recruiting and retention strategies using all of your business and HR processes.

Located in Appleton Wisconsin, we work with clients throughout the United States either in person or virtually.

Many will tell you WHAT to do. We show you HOW to do it.

With over 25 years of business and human resources experience, we have consistently helped guide our clients to clear, simple, and sustainable results.

We work with companies with approximately 1000 or fewer employees, willing to make changes to how their business operates. Focusing on the work processes, human resources processes and business we develop sustainable performance, productivity and profitability for the business. These companies have the motivation, time, energy, and resources to commit to the changes necessary to sustainably grow their business.

Great business owners sustainably grow their business. Are you ready to grow yours ?